Joyful Tendencies

The Expression of Fabrics

The experience of our creative team blends artisan quality and technology, Italian tradition and international innovation through formulations full of intuition that change with every season, at every step, with every fruitful creative mix.


Our materials are not produced but reinterpreted, transformed to free them from their simple being to become a vehicle of expressiveness, play, communication.

Our leit motiv is only this: create a product that is pure expression of creative freedom, a true joyful trend capable of bringing a pinch of that joy to each of you.



Imtex Logo

Here at Imtex we create joyful trends… or as we say tendencies,
for over twenty years.

It was in 2000 that the company came to life thanks to Alfredo Bertoletti.

Continuous investments in research & development and our desire to grow and always get involved make us a company that channels free expression and the whimsy of colors and fabrics.

The ability to always stay one step ahead and to guess the market by offering ideas and playful mixes, together with the quality of our products, have transformed us into a fresh, dynamic, innovative company that puts only one thing at the center of everything: creative impulse and the emotional transport that derives from the choice of a material.

At Imtex substance and emotion come together in an imaginative mélange.



Alfredo Bertoletti

Alfredo took the first steps in 1984 in the world of technical fabric as export manager of an important Italian group in the sector.

By managing clients on all world markets from the United States to the Far East, from Latin America to South Africa, from the Middle East to Europe, he gains an incredible experience as a supplier and customer.

Commercial soul with strong marketing skills to which brilliant management skills have been added over time, Alfredo together with all of us in the team makes Imtex a point of reference in the world of footwear and leather goods worldwide, relating to the largest brands in the accessories sector.


Mauro Benedetti

At the head of the creative team since the birth of the company, Mauro Alessandro Benedetti is eclecticism made man, he is the one who together with Alfredo established the visual identity of the company. Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona and the Ars Sutoria Institute in Milan, he worked in the Marche and Lombardy first before moving to China where he collaborated with the most important brands in the footwear sector.

With his arrival at Imtex he becomes the creative part of the company, developing each collection with an inexhaustible desire for innovation. Who is Mauro? Are you a child, a teenager, a young person or an adult? A child in amazement. A teenager in the desire to learn, an eternal young man in spirit and an adult in professional maturity and in the awareness of having a great responsibility. His motto is: “creativity is a child who never stops playing. Exactly like me”.

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