Imtex stories – because from today we want to be even closer to you

Times have changed, the world has changed. 2020 was a very complex year and the beginning of this 2021 promises to be just as tortuous but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The feeble light that guides us, inviting to a cautious optimism, is the same that has pushed us to believe even more in our job.

The numbers prove it to us, always encouraging despite everything; the enthusiasm of our team which has increased  creativity and intuition; your trust in our products. The care and commitment we put into everything are reflected in our products and come straight to you.

Imtex Stories 1
Imtex Stories 1

This is why today Imtex is “dressed up” with a tool it had never used before: the web. If times force us to a more virtual life, we at Imtex accept the challenge.

Moreover, obstacles have always been an incentive for us.

And even this lack of vis à vis has turned into a virtual connection to let you know that we are always by your side, as we have done in the last twenty years.

Imtex Stories 2
Imtex Stories 2

Understanding the market, offering you innovations and competitive materials, offering you those “joyful tendencies” which, perhaps, now more than ever will help us instill the right determination and start again with an edge.

With these Imtex Stories we want to tell you a little about us, about trends, curiosities, about our way of working which will be something new for those who don’t know us and a confirmation for our esteemed and appreciated customers.

To all of you: welcome to the Imtex world, where joyful tendencies are created starting from the simplest (and most complex) starting point that is essential for us: quality.

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