Jacquard: a precious fabric for timeless shoes and bags

Geometric, floral, with a brocade effect embellished with lurex threads or pure silk threads. Whatever type of jacquard you are thinking of, at Imtex we have made it and many others we can make to bring your projects to life.

Jacquard fabric is a refined, refined, precious material.

Used since its creation both for clothing and for accessories, shoes and bags, belts and leather goods, jacquard processing has now more than ever returned by right to the category of fine fabrics.


From damask effects to logoed fabrics, from brocades to floral and geometric, the jacquard fabric offers a myriad of possible games and contrasts, colors and textile combinations depending not only on who produces or converts this fabric but also on the concept they have in mind. Stylists and creative teams.

Made in Italy manufacturing gives greater prominence to the product, giving it high quality and a guarantee of excellence.

Sumptuous fabrics, 3D textures, geometries… thanks to jacquard fabrics we bring a pinch of luxury back into fashion!

Types of Imtex’s jacquard


In our collections jacquard is always present in different colors, shapes and expressions. Of course it is always possible to customize items in colors, types of yarns, overlaps of colors and fabrics.

From lurex jacquard to ethnic jacquard (with colors and stripes), from the typically folk style up to geometric jacquards, very urban style, those with raised flowers, more elegant and sophisticated, or bouclé jacquards that embellish winter accessories.

The ideal mix and match? Only you can know.

We at Imtex provide hints, ideas, evoke sensations and suggestions that you can transform into trendy shoes, bags and accessories.

Discover all the types of jacquard fabrics we have on our website and let your creative intuitions do the rest.

Today more than ever let your every creation be an Imtex #joyfultendences!

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