Play of overlays and see-through effect: it’s time to let speak the details

Transparent and bright. They are so the most dynamic materials you can imagine for your creations.

Bags, shoes and accessories are molded from a material that allows you to play endlessly with creativity, giving birth to a real trend: we are talking about transparent, colored, smoked, matt and metallic panels in pvc and / or with inclusions.
We at Imtex have given the name “glass” to this Vetro collection that already lets you imagine the nude effect. The transparencies or the colors, the metallics and all the thousand and more inclusions.  Insertions that can become an integral part of this material to make it exactly what your creative team had in mind.

Perfect for the performing summer season also for the winter one, for autumn or spring, an accessory with transparent or colored details will make your projects unique.

And if heels and transparent soles are cleared by now, you can play with a thousand and more inclusions to customize your finished product. From the heel of a shoe to the handle of a bag. Without limits, without seasonality, without time.

The transparent material has been used for years in the fashion field to make garments, accessories, bags and shoes with details that can be adapted to everything. The imagination of the creative team will do the rest.

Flowers, straw, glitter, sequins, lace, nets, metallic foils: the inclusions in the transparent material can be of various types and of any color.


The advantages of pvc for bags – shoes and fashion accessories


Imtex fabrics and materials are of the highest quality, specifically the Vetro collection offers significant advantages:

  • Toughness and ductility. The pvc panels that we use in Imtex are resistant and performing.
  • High resistance to creases and heat.
  • Superlative elasticity and excellent ability to respond to deformations.

Pvc is optimal for the creation of sandals and footwear (straps, bands, uppers). And the funniest feature is undoubtedly the possibility of inserting the material that best suits you inside to make any one fresh, elegant, fun or retro.

Do you still have questions? Contact us! We will be happy to discuss it together and offer all our support to the creation of your collection.

There is no limit to color, to the fantasy of inclusions.

Imtex staff will be able to guide you in finding the best solution to give free rein to your #joyfultendencies

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