Terry material: an all natural softness

Terry is one of the most practical and sporty fabrics that exist.

Soft and breathable, functional and easy, the sponge for footwear is transformed into a versatile and eco-sustainable material that can be used for both uppers and linings. Terry can be a really cool fabric for clothes, shoes, accessories, and even furniture. Many brands prefer terry cloth as a material for informal and casual looks, especially in streetwear. Capable of perfectly absorbing moisture, terry cloth is generally used to make bath linen such as towels and bathrobes, in sportswear and comfort items.

At Imtex we favor green and eco-sustainable terry cotton materials. The environment and respect for it have always been close to our hearts. On the other hand, that of sustainability is also a great issue in the field of design and fashion. From production to disposal, every aspect must take into account the environmental impact. Starting from the materials used. In order for a garment to fully fall into the category of eco-sustainability, it must certainly have certain characteristics starting from the materials it is made of. This is why the choice of materials is essential to create an accessory, a pair of shoes or a bag in the name of the green.

In Imtex we have chosen to use natural materials such as oekotex cotton and Tencel



OEKO-TEX® allows consumers and companies to use “responsible” materials that protect our planet and preserve future generations.
With this product you can be sure you are dealing with a material
labeled as MADE IN GREEN. The MADE IN GREEN label gives you the certainty of knowing that the product is made:

  • with materials tested for harmful substances;
  • in environmentally friendly facilities;
  • in safe and socially responsible workplaces.


Let’s start with a simple question: what is Tencel? How is it composed?

Tencel ™ is a registered trademark of the Austrian company Lenzing AG, which certifies the production of textile fiber of natural origin, extracted from Eucalyptus and Beech plants.

Natural materials for footwear, bags, fashion accessories

Why should you choose ecological fabrics? The question is as simple as the answer: for the planet, for animals, for an ethical question.

Natural fibers help maintain environmental balance by integrating into the cycle of nature.
Fibers such as TENCEL ™ help maintain environmental balance by integrating into nature’s cycle. The fibers come from the renewable raw material of wood, created by photosynthesis. Certified organic fibers are produced using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable, so they can be completely returned to nature.

Choose your green & sustainable sponge materials and make them authentic masterpieces!

Our creative team will be happy to be by your side to suggest the ideal materials and terry fabrics for your fashion collections. We will help you, if you wish, to develop your #joyfultendencies with us!

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