Summer 2022 fashion trends: na-ture is the protagonist

From pure white to raw colors, from pastel shades – ethereal and delicate – to more gritty colors that recall the explosion of nature such as yellow, orange, red and digital colors.

The summer of 2022 in the fashion sector has very clear ideas, caressing with a skilful hand all the colors that nature offers.

Natural or raw colors

Neutral colors such as beige, rope color on a cotton or linen base combine perfectly with veiled transparencies. Soft yarns and irregular weaves, corks left natural or just colored in a seemingly random way.


Warm yellow-orange tones

Another clear trend for the summer 2022 collection is the palette of warm tones: from summer sunset orange to poppy red to acid yellow. The materials are once again raw, natural, with irregular textures illuminated by these warm and envel-oping colors, typically summer. Fresh, carefree like summer evenings.

Pastel colours

In every summer, the pastel color peeps out in the fashion collections for both clothing and footwear, confirming itself as a real must have.

From Provencal lilac to mint green through antique pink. Pastel colors, reminiscent of a soft spring that is about to give its best, are the perfect prelude to the summer that will follow.


Digital colors

From the timeless – literally eternal – checks in a basic mate-rial such as Tencel – or in cotton – up to bright colors, full and decisive such as electric blue, cork, pvc panels in strong and decisive colors, timeless processes such as jacquard, spot-ted, flowers and revisited geometries.

And then again laser cuts, shaded colors, lines and stripes, geometric games, fresh and colorful prints with flowers on a frotté base, weaves that are revisited in the pleats on various materials.


The summer 2022 fashion trends at Imtex are ready to be-come reality in your hands, in your company.

Our materials, our high quality fabrics, our joyful trends want to be just a starting point that will then become a pure expression of YOUR trend in your company.

The suggestions of our creative team will be the starting point for your fashion collections.

Imtex – Joyful tendencies

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