The five most popular fabrics for shoes, bags and accessories of all time

Bags, shoes and fashion accessories can be created with almost any material, print and fabric and in the most varied colors. There are no limits to the creativity and imagination of a creation and its combinations.

Eco-sustainable, recycled and green materials are increasingly in fashion. These recycled materials are used more and more by suppliers, helping the environment without detracting from beauty and quality.

Still, there are some fine fabrics, quality materials and prints that never go out of style, know no time and are used for everything from bags to shoes to belts.

Let’s take a look at these 5 timeless fashion fabrics for shoes, bags and accessories:

  • Denim. Sturdy, resistant, entirely in cotton or with stretch fiber. Super adaptable to any shape. Since its invention, in Genoa, until today, this material has literally never gone out of fashion! Let’s face it: jeans are a certainty in the clothing sector as well as in shoes, bags and accessories, it is a must to have in any fashion collection. We at Imtex decline it in several ways. From the article Procida to Tremiti, from Polo to dyed jeans.

  • Terry. Here is another timeless material. We told you about it here. Terry cloth is one of the most practical and sporty fabrics that exist. Soft and breathable, functional and easy, the sponge for footwear transforms into a versatile and eco-sustainable material that can be used for both uppers and linings. An evergreen! Take a look at our Imtex sponge materials: The Bikini article, a sponge, the Diplo article, a double sponge, the Trigona article a double coupled sponge and the Tecla article.BIKINI
  • Faux leather. Here is a long lasting, durable and incredibly natural looking material. A classic par excellence that will never go out of fashion, perfect for both winter and summer collections. Timeless! Discover Imtex stretch eco-leather: the Andorra article, the Kovalsky article, the Magnetic article, the Kumari article, the Vairo article.

  • Natural. Raffia, fennel cork, wood, jute, braided cork, stamped cork, straw. Natural materials have always been an evergreen. Summer is made for wearing these elements and feeling free, wild, light. Whether printed in color or in neutral tones, these natural materials are perfect for interpreting a collection that makes nature its source of inspiration. Take a look at the Imtex “Natural” collection.rafia-imtex
  • Glitter. Shine like a star! To shine like a star, nothing better than glitter. From the 50s to today, these sparkling materials have never gone out of fashion in any season. Shoes, bags, glitter accessories illuminate and shine, give character to a collection, it is impossible not to notice the effect, it is forbidden to go unnoticed. Discover the (literally infinite) glitter collection!PLANET-F

These are five materials for shoes, bags and accessories that we can consider “eternal”, but there are many others. From simple wool to cotton, from brocade to lace, from animal print to jacquard.

At Imtex we have a wide choice, we don’t like just following a trend, we love to create it by playing with materials, prints and fabrics and with our creativity in synergy with yours.

We look forward to bringing your #joyfultendencies to life.

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