Velvet for shoes and accessories: a voluptuous and versatile evergreen fabric

Come back. Always come back. We are talking about a timeless, soft to the touch and pleasant fabric: velvet.

Enveloping but never intrusive, this chic material over the centuries has decorated real cloaks and shoes of ordinary people, it has been perhaps the most pop and the most democratic among fashion fabrics.

In vogue in the 60s and 70s, velvet has never known a real decline and every year, the autumn-winter collections present some elements in this material.

But what is velvet?

This sinuous fabric has always attracted creative teams looking for bright, almost iridescent, elegant and refined tones.

Over the years, thanks to the skill of numerous artisans, especially Italians, this fabric has established itself throughout the world as one of the most flexible and appreciated for giving life to autumn-winter fashion collections.

There are different types of velvet but essentially there are two macro categories: warp velvet, which is classic velvet, and weft velvet.

  • The warp velvet was initially in pure silk, today it is also produced in cotton, wool and blends or polyester.
  • Weft velvet stands out in smooth and ribbed velvet.

Depending on the processing methods, you will have a different type of velvet. At Imtex we love to offer different types of velvet that will characterize your fashion collection.

Accessories, shoes, velvet bags. From moccasins to boots, up to ankle boots. Certainly velvet enriches and gives sumptuousness to a model, making it appear rich and luxurious but over the years this material has also been cleared through customs in fresher, soft forms, for everyone. It is up to the creativity of each company to give character and a very specific personality to the collection.

At Imtex we offerdifferent types of Velvet for shoes, bags and accessories:

  • Snake embossed velvet (Art. Colonna)
  • Gold silk-screened velvet (item Reina)reina-imtex
  • Up to velvet with Stretch net (art. Sumatra)sumatra-imtex
  • Classic Velvet (Art. Esula)esula-imtex

And then again the wrinkled velvet, the corduroy (art. PELER), the laser velvet coupled with lycra, the lasered velvet.

Washed, printed, stretch velvet. Colors? The ones you want.

Let yourself be inspired by this material that knows how to give sumptuousness and voluptuousness to your autumn-winter collections.

Velvet is a very bright fabric, elegant but at the same time resistant and pleasant to the touch, while appearing delicate and refined, it actually lends itself to any interpretation.

Choose how to decline it, transform its essence giving it the character you want to give to your fashion collection and use your creativity, we at Imtex are here to help you give consistency to your creative dreams.

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