Lace: a sensual and always trendy fabric

Lace is a semi-transparent, elegant and sensual type of processing, characterized by doodles and designs made with the yarn.

Eternal symbol of femininity and voluptuousness, lace has always fascinated women and stylists, creative teams and style offices thanks to transparencies and those games of see-through whichintrigues and enhances with precious originality that both on a dress and on a shoe, they allow you to express great sensuality.


Lace both day and night

But lace is not just an evening fabric. Despite being very elegant and sensual, this type of material can also be a sporty chic material on the right model.

Perfect on sneakers or on a flat shoe, on a décolleté with vertiginous heel or on an ankle boot declined in shocking colors and even on espadrilles. There are no limits to the use of this material.

At Imtex we love to play with the most diverse prints, fabrics and materials.

Lace is present in our fashion collections, both in  summer and winter


Imtex winter collection

A very supple Stretch lace is the Adelaide article

The winter collection then continues with a macramé lace (article Ariel)

The Gondola article and the Infanta article, on the other hand, are lace on satin, while the Iseo article is a jacquard lurex, stretch lace.

Imtex summer collection

The Imtex summer collection in terms of lace is very varied! You can find the article Bignè which is a sequined lace.

The article Frida who is a net lace

The Giulietta Kork article which is a cork lace


And then again the Persian article which is a lurex stretch lace.


Each material is available in different colors. What gives us joy at Imtex is to help you realize your creative dreams, to give you a hand to give life to your fashion collections.

On our site you will find our summer-winter collections and all the types of lace that we have just listed but not only! You will find many more and you can be inspired by our collections to realize your creative ideas or, as we like to say at Imtex, your joyful tendencies! 

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