Recycling: the era of recycled materials for a greener world

It goes without saying that we have to look at the fashion sector in a different way than in the past. The watchword in this myriad of information when it comes to ethical fashion and ecology is: recycling.

But what is this term really and how is it meant in the fashion industry?

What until yesterday was considered a sector with a high consumption of materials can now be considered a fundamental piece of the revolution of the circular economy. It is not a utopia, but a concrete innovative way through which it becomes possible to reduce the impact on the environment, reducing the creation of materials through the recycling of existing fabrics and materials, giving them new life.

Product certifications: GRS, TENCEL & OEKOTEX


GRS certification: what is it?

The Global Recycle Standard is the most important international standard for recycled fabrics.

The purpose of this certification is clear: to select the materials, give them new life and thus provide customers (both brands and consumers) with a high quality finished product that is also conscious and ethical. Not harmful to the environment and actually recycled and processed in a sustainable way.

A product is GRS certifiable if it is made up of at least 20% recycled materials. However, only products made up of at least 50% recycled materials can be labeled as GRS.

The standard guarantees the content of recycled materials in the products, intermediate and finished products (Recycled Material Requirements), the traceability of the production process (Supply Chain Requirements), the rules in the use of chemical products and compliance with environmental and social criteria in all the phases of the production chain.

A lot of care and attention for a truly ethical and sustainable finished product!



Oeko-tex certification: health first of all

OEKO-TEX® is a textile certification that aims to guarantee the protection of consumers’ health. Above all, the focus is on adverse reactions induced by clothing contaminated with toxic substances.

A material with the OEKO-TEX label is therefore equivalent to a material that is safe and valuable for health. An ethical choice of great importance.



Tencel certification: a new sustainability standard

Another guarantee of the concept of sustainability that we embrace in Imtex is Tencel: the cellulose fibers of botanical origin label an important brand a new standard and comfort of Tencel brand fabrics guaranteeing the highest quality to the finished product.



On this page (LINK) you will find our eco-friendly materials and fabrics for shoes and bags, made with a high Italian quality, an ethical approach and awarded the three prestigious certifications we mentioned above.

Vegan productscertified with the brands we have shown you and above all of quality: for shoes, bags and accessories that care about the latest fashion trends without ever forgetting to preserve the future and the planet.

Here is a rundown of our eco-sustainable & green items:

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