Imtex - Services

What can we do for You? Do You have a Project?

A particular material, a special processing, a high quality, the effect you were looking for.

At Imtex we can provide you with high-quality materials, special fabrics, technical fabrics and cutting-edge processing for your footwear and accessories.

We build your desire together with you, giving shape to your ideas and development needs.

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How can we Help You?

Our creative team and our production department will work closely with you to convert and realize your ideas.

We put to use the best of our background and our skills which, together with modern production systems, will allow you to realize your project.

You already have a Project?

We can help you creating the material/fabric you want by executing your concept.

Do you have an idea that you would like to develop with our support?

Our creative and technical team is ready to help you. With ideas, solutions for new fabrics, trendy materials and exclusive processes.

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With us you can:

  • Choose the best fabrics and materials for your collection.
  • Create the material you have always dreamed of, unique and personalized down to the smallest detail.
  • Give to a basic fabric of your choice an exclusive process that speaks to you, and your ideas.
  • Get inspired with new processes and trendy fabrics to give life to your collection.
  • Create customized prints and processes and / or unique decorations.

Create your Product

Step by step, we create a tailor made product to help you develop your collection.

For years we have been collaborating with companies present all over the world and for years what we love most to do is create those joyful tendencies that, with each creation, each particular material and new fabric, make us love our work even more.